Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New for Weddings

This is one of the new and upcoming ideas for wedding favors. Candy Stations are becoming quite popular this year. Who does not like candy? Whether it is chocolate, or hard candy it seems to bring smiles to everyone's face. It's a great idea to bring in the colors from the wedding or just carrying out the theme. The different shaped containers bring a little more element to the display as well. You can choose to use either gift bags, little boxes, chinese take out boxes, candy bags for your guests to take home with them. There are so many varieties you can do with this idea. This is a service I am going to start offering, you can rent the containers from me and I will supply the candy as well as the bags (if necessary unless you have your own personal touch you would like to use). There are so many different ways this look can be done, either all milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, variety of colored candies, hard candy or the candy from when you were growing up! Have fun with it because your guests will love it!!!